In the beginning of October me and a friend started our trip to Asia. We both travel a lot which means we travel on a budget and sometimes the way to get somewhere is not always the nicest. So we start our journey to Singapore in Berlin on the 1st of October a few minutes to midnight. Us and some drunks are the only people at the trainstation, so naturally, what you do at midnight, we go to McDonalds because our plane doesn’t take off for another 7 hours!

At 2am we are already impatient so we leave to try and find a busstop to at least get to the airport. But the first shuttle is at 4am so we walk back to the trainstation with our giant suitcases and fall asleep on a bench in a bakery.

A few hours later we find ourselves on the plane to London. Yes, London but I like adding a few hours and take-offs to the journey..who doesn’t?

Anyway, we’re in London now, nex stop is Kuala Lumpur and on the 3rd of October at 6am we land in Singapore, after long ass flights and a lot of back in forth in terms of directions.

From the 5footwayinn hostel we we’re staying at we  we’re right next to the Singapore river and could see the Marina Bay building, you know the one with the boat on top.

We would be in Singapore for 4 days before we continued to Hong Kong so we thought we had to cram our days with all things we wanted to do and see. So we went and saw sunsets, museums, malls, gardens and lightshows within the first 2 days. Turns out Singapore is quite small and expensive, but very very clean! On the last day all that was left on my to-do list was the ArtScience museum. I can only recommend going there because personally I have never seen anyhing like that, even from the outside! Because we were pretty tired we ended up sitting in beanbag chairs in the wave room for about an hour.


  • Cloud Forest – there you can buy a ticket for both the cloud forest and flower dome but personally I think you can save some money and only visit the cloud forest. It`s like a jungle but indoors and there are really cool waterfalls you can basically walk up and have an amazing view. In the flower dome there’s not as much to see and the flowers are not very asian.
  • ArtScienceMuseum- as you can see in the pictures below they have some really amazing animated shows and it’s great to take pictures and pretty cheap! Just be aware that parents like to take thir little children there!
  • Light shows!- Singapore is a big fan of lightshows but I’m not complaining they’re amazing. There is one in Gardens by the Bay where the trees start to sparkle and another one next to the Louis Vuitton house by the river which is a water and light show combined. You can either watch on the Marina Bay side of the river, or from where we did which is where the Merlion statue is. I liked our spot a lot more actually because you could see the lasers shoot from the top of the building
  • Octopus card- first thing you should do when getting there is buy an Octopus card for the MRT train. You can recharge it and if you have money on it the day you’re leaving you can even pay with it as if it were a credit card.



marina bay
gardens by the bay
cloud forest
view from the hostel
ArtScience museum
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