autumn overload

Welcome to the sequel of the newly (today) founded sunday breakfast series.

Here we live by the motto:

treat yo self – Parks and Recreation


-there’s a lot of  ”basic white girl (with better taste in music)” behavior involved

1. music

this playlist will make you think that you’re wearing ugg boots, slurping a pumpkin spice latte, while standing in a foggy pumpkin field. If you’re not into that here’s another idea: this playlist will make you believe that you’re not forever alone, while you’re laying in bed, eating *looks up autumn foods on pinterest* Spiced Toffee Apple Cake, around you: pumpkin scented candles. Thank me later.


Let’s just say that these took me 27 minutes to draw, and never talk about it again.

     2. breakfast

now for this part you either make an effort, take 43 pictures and then enjoy the deliciousness that is breakfast, or you don’t. The first 2 steps are optional, but recommended cause how else would you be able to share your food on the internet?

I went to the bakery and got a ”pumpkin seed bread roll” and a croissant. Could this shite look any more aesthetic? I don’t think so. 10/10 recommend.



  • homemade plum- apple jam  ✅
  • pumpkin something ✅
  • candle ✅
  • taking pictures for so long the coffee gets cold ✅
  • aesthetic ✅

when you eventually get around to eating, you gonna wanna savor every bite, really take your time, the coffee is cold anyway.

3. outfit

next up you’re going to pick an outfit, preferably one that screams autumn but at the same time doesn’t make you look like a scarecrow. Please, no flannels!1!! So, I was looking for something casual, comfortable and thatwould make me blend in. So grey was the obvious choice. The sky is grey, I am grey. To get that little pop of autumnal color in there, *starts searching* *looks around room*. Well I don’t have anything autumnal, but I’d recommend like an orange or burgundy beanie.

Oh! I found something. Hold on.

that should work. No beanie needed.

4. get the day started

then you sit at the table a couple more minutes and contemplate every single life choice you’ve made up to that point. When you’re done you take that last sip of cold coffee *grimace*, slap your thighs, nod and start putting the unnecessary stuff, you put on the table (for the aesthetic), back. And then you should be ready to start your day.



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