summer in october

“Quick, what’s my favourite hospital food?” Jeeellloo!

Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

So in the words of Phil, Jeeellloo. Hope ”y’all” had a nice week, worked hard and didn’t drink toooo much. In case you did tho, here’s a breakfast that’ll make you forget about embarrassing videos in your friend’s instagram story, sticky shoes and headaches.


First step of any professional post is to think ahead. Your immediate thought, the second you wake up, should be breakfast. For me that’s the case anyway tbh, but this is a different kind of thought.

It’s not about ”ooh what am I going to have?” or ”what toppings should I put on my porridge?”. No. On sunday’s you think ”how can I possibly fit the food AND all the useless stuff on my small table while making it look aesthetically pleasing” and ”what even is aesthetically pleasing?!”.

Then your eyes are starting to wander around the room, looking for stuff that’ll go with, well the other stuff. When something catches your eye, you write it down, otherwise you will forget. At the same time you should be scrolling pinterest. What I find the most inspiring are posts under ”frukost”. There is something about how swedish people manage to make things look pretty. Thx ikea.

The useless, but pretty, stuff I found while looking around my room:


  • white shelve for contrast
  • a newspaper I got from the trash in the hallway
  • candles
  • succulent
  • all sorts of jars and glassware

Next step is probably the most important. Food. I made it my tradition (it exist since last sunday) to get fresh buns from the bakery. This week the weather has been unbelievably beautiful and I was sweating in a t-shirt, sat outside drinking coffee and rode my bike everywhere, all in 25C weather. So every morning I wake up in a fantastic mood with, thanks to my broken blinds, the sun shining into my face. At 10 (after setting the table) I made my way to the bakery and took a few pictures of leaves and flowers and trees. Obviously had to get a bun with pumpkin seeds again. It’s october.


This is my favorite part and it’s so much fun to set the table. The more inconvenient to eat at the better. In my set up I couldn’t reach the plate and my arm almost caught fire trying to get to the apples. So those candles weren’t lit for long. But they look fantastic in autumnal pictures. The reality just looks very different and a lot messier. But we don’t talk about that, we only talk aesthetic. I basically arranged all my belongings on that table and then rearranged them a few more times. Today’s color theme was purple and like a blue-ish color. New record today, 47 pictures of the set up.

  • avo 🥑
  • brie 🧀
  • muesli 🥣
  • buns 🥐
  • home-made jam 🍯
  • coffee ☕

head 1

head 5

head 7

summer outfit

For days like this you really wanna choose a summer outfit. So flowers are the clear choice.


lil extra

Still listening to my Spotify playlist on repeat. Newest edition:

Nobody knows by Jez Dior

This video doesn’t exist


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