fruit and color


Today’s choice of fashionable attire was clear since yesterday afternoon, when I went grocery shopping and bought the first orange of the year. My flat smells incredible now btw. Luv it. So to match my breakfast I obviously had to wear my yellow turtle neck that we all know and love.

Add a Topshop mom jeans and belt, done.

table setting


Between getting dressed and actually going out the door to get buns, lays one very important step. The preparation. Here’s why you have to set the table before getting buns:

I leave the flat a couple of minutes to 9 because that is when the a batch of buns comes out of the oven, so when I get to the bakery they are hot n’ fresh. You don’t have much time before they’re cool so you don’t wanna have to set the table after buying the buns. You have just enough time to get home, make coffee and take 40+ pictures.

To make the table setting as quick and enjoyable as possible, I preplan. Today’s theme was orange obviously. Color and fruit.

On the way back from the bakery I made a spontaneous change to my preplan, which was to add leaves. They are everywhere (you don’t say 😨! In October?!🤯), also found a lil rose which made me happier than it probably should have.

Back at your flat, you make coffee, arrange decorations, put out stuff from the fridge, arrange that, turn on the newly added fairy lights, pour coffee into your cup, take pictures AND THEN YOU GET TO EAT.




I looked up ”nails” on Pinterest and was very pleased by the fact that there were no toes! Only beautifully manicured hands, mostly Essie which ain’t nobody got money for, amirite? So I went to the drugstore, took the 8 euro Essie nail polish color ”petal pusher” and took it 2 shelves to the left. Essence nailpolish, 1.55 euros. I compared the essie one to all the blue- ish tones until I found one that was close enough called ”mud about you!”. Bought it only partly because the name is fun, and if I were to bring out nail polish that s the sorta name I’d pick.

You’re welcome. That idea is sooo original like omg.

righty- o then. That’s all, have a gr8 sunday. Don’t stay up too late, tomorrow is Monday, you gotta get up early and go to work. I don’t, but you do. You’re welcome.


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