what’s cooking, pumpkin ;)

Bad decisions were made before 9am this morning: I put way too much pumpkin puree with my oats and had the first bad porridge in over 6 months. I jinxed it when I said that I had become a pro porridge maker. I mean it could have been good but it was like so much pumpkin, guess I’m not a pumkin lovin’ basic WITCH after all… 🎃🧙‍♀️.

My pasta on the other hand had the perfect amount and was devine. I have a very pumpkin-y taste in ma mouth which, even tho it couldn’t get any more autmnal, I’m not a fan of.

But first here are the pumpkin recipes I came up with, and remember to not use as much pumpkin as I did for breakfast!!! 🤢🎃

I realize that starting a post with ”🤢” might not be the best form of advertising, but I’m just being real here.

dinner 🍺🥨

it’s good when you can cook pumpkin, it’s better when you can spell it. But in the words of Hannah Montana: ”Nobody’s perfect!”
                                                                                                  ⇑                                                                   ⇑
crying bc responsibilties, homework and onions
breakfast 🎃🥣






turned out I needed the list of ingredients, which is on my phone. So no timelapse but enjoy me fixing my har and turning the fairy lights on.



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