dreams, schnaps and pie

Friday morning

Going home today. I don’t have milk so I couldn’t drink coffee which is basically suicide and a horrible start to any day. I did have amazing porridge so I guess it’s 50% fine. Maybe I can sleep on the bus. I can’t study cause I’d get travel sick. Here’s breakfast from a shelf perspective:

Friday afternoon

Moving on. I made it home. My mom made apple pancakes which I obviously forgot to take picture of cause I was too exited. I saw my doggies and had Halloween candy. Great day. Then me and my mom baked an apple pie which I’ve made back in the old blogging days already! #lame #boring. The apples we used were straight from the tree in our garden!


I tagged it #k80cake lol.


Friday evening



I woke up at 7 which is good but I was up for 2 hours during the night and I had 2 hella weird dreams! First one involved some spanish guy who was acting well weird cause I kissed my friend on the cheek?! what the actual fudge?! 🤣😘😘 the second one was about me being in some weird hospital (that looked more like some rank hostel room) because I was pregnant and some italian was the dad?! Very weird. But the pregnant dream was bc my stomach was full up bloated and I had cramps. That’s my dream interpretation. Gonna look up what it says on the internet haha:

<<To dream that you are pregnant symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. Being pregnant in your dream may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal.>>

I kinda like that.

Gonna look up the other one:

If you are kissing someone on the cheek or someone is kissing you on the cheek, then it signifies adoration, courtesy, friendship and/or respect.

Damn it don’t remember who I was kissing.

Anyway enough with that. I had to be at my friends at 9 AM because we were gonna throw a ball around the forest while drinking Schnaps. In Germany we call that bosseln. Yes we have a word for that. But first we had a family breakfast with all the bread rolls and spreads! Not as aesthetically pleasing but delish. I had foam on my coffee for crying out loud!!

After that my group and I were pulling a cart loaded with beers and Schnaps and it got more fun the further we walked. 4 hours later we got to the finish line. We lost obviously. Then we got pizza. Pretty sure I gained only about 52 pounds on a single weekend. Can’t go home too often. Then I went home (well my dad picked me up) and I had Halloween candy and pasta (which tastes so much better when my mum makes it! How?! It’s fucking spaghetti!!

Then we played board games. And I ate more candy.

remember this view from my sister’s rom? the trees are orange now. Let me see if I can find a before pic:

well you can’t see anything, but the crane is gone


Mensch ärger dich nicht!

Dude, don’t get angry!


Today the shops at a mall were open even tho it was Sunday and there were school bands playing (not well) and 20% discount everywhere. So me and my fried went. I didn’t have breakfast because of the calorie extravaganza from the day before and I was planning on finally eating the apple pie. I bought black nail polish and got a 2nd one for free. I bought the good lindt chocolate and got 50% off.

In the evening we had spanish food (still can’t roll the rrrr): So I patata-ed and jamon-ed and queso-ed and almost died because there was so much food. Yes I ate meat- it was from Spain okay? Oh yes that was the reason we ate spanish. The products I had brought from Barcelona were expiring. We also ate the Belgian guy’s cheese that was slowly but surely turning into mold in the fridge.


On monday I studied (can you believe it) (I read 30 instead of 10 pages fml) and packed and switched hearing aids. For breakfast I had the good yoghurt for lunch I had way too much food. But it wouldn’t be a Monday without apple pie and ice cream and bread. In the evening I took the bus back to Leipzig with freshly washed clothes and all the food I found, unpacked and went to bed. And that was my weekend at home.

glowing seats at the train station

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