Well don’t exactly know what that 7:30 thing was yesterday but it’s 6am (on a Saturday!) and as you can tell, I’m not sleeping.

Today is the day. I’m signing up to the gym. Now it’s set in stone. No deleting this sentence.

You know you’re not normal when: it’s saturday and you ride your bike towards the sunRISE to go to the gym. I did it and I get to use words like pre- and post- workout now.

How do we like the new title for the front page? I just thought that quantity/quality fits a lot better to this word dump than ”home”.

I have so many ideas but I never really know how to implement them. Like the 12 days to christmas thing I have a giant list of ideas and but I have to buy stuff for it and it sounds stupid but no one is gonna see it so I don’t know if it’s worth it but at the same time it’s so much fun. Ughhh quarter life crisis. Well we’ll see I’m gonna get ready and go to the shops, it’s Saturday, it’s grocery shop day.

90 minutes, 30 bucks and 3 shops later I’m back. That was fun I bought some delicious stuff. Love it. Weekends or my fave. Didn’t get anything christmassy tho I’m so not in the mood!

Like it’s mid november and it’s a sunny 15 degrees celsius!!!! That is not okay. Let me just remind you real quick: iceland; diamond beach 📌

This video doesn’t exist

okay now that you used a reuseable bag, decided not to get that straw at Starbucks and took your bike instead of car we can continue.

I’m really hungry now so I’m gonna see what I can whip up. Shouldn’t be hard with all the good stuff I got. It wasn’t hard bc I had the exact same thing I’ve had the past days.

And I have been listening to my Spotify playlist non stop and I was dancing (and rapping en français) like a crazy person and my neighbor saw me. So that was mildly embarrassing.

Oh I was planning on heading out to go look for christmas decorations (it’s not too early- just oo hot!) but I’m too lazy so that’s not gonna happen.

I gotta come up with something for da sundaze tomorrow. brb.

Planned the sundaze and over 2 hours have passed since then cause I drew a tangerine. There we have a new way of spending saturday night. It’s dinner time now and I didn’t think about food once while drawing. what. Well making food now the tangerine is in tomorrow’s breakfast post.

Dinner was good but I was too impatient for the rice to cook a whole 25 minutes so there was quite a bit of chewing involved. But anywho. That’s all I have to say for today. How happy does that make you?

20181110_070132pre workout

20181110_081544excuse the blurriness but I was in motion look they have tvs on every cardio thingy!!! I’m gonna go to the gym to watch the football from now on!!

post workout

excuse my pants dangling in the window 20181110_100320

welcome to the jungle

Watch it bring you to your shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, kneeeees


see, so many ideas 😫


guess what my flat smells like



Projekt - Drawing 15497801995417507874


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