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Topic today: How to pretend to have your shit together, math and well, tangerines.

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First of all I would like to welcome my family to this, some might call it shit show others (nicer people) unnecessary content. Lenchos, please excuse grammatical errors and any other mistakes, I don’t actually speak english and google translate sucks. Also, don’t scroll down too far on the blog there’s a lot of cringe that I’m too lazy to delete. Before today the only people reading this were from like Hong Kong or Canada who accidentally clicked the wrong link.

pre- breakfast pt. 1

🕔 This week differs A LOT from previous breakfasts I’ve had (all breakfasts- ever) because my sleeping schedule is messed up and I’m wide awake at 5am. Every day.

🕢 So instead of sleeping in and then casually setting the table, I am now riding my bike through the rain to the gym at 7am. So the pre- breakfast involves cardio and weights (the post- breakfast involves aching muscles btw). If you are able to sleep in you can skip this step. One good thing comes with a 7am workout tho: I’m the only one at the gym.

note the clock in the 4th picture. 🕢

pre- breakfast pt. 2

🕘 After getting back from the gym you obviously don’t have time to change bc you’re starving, so you throw you’re bag into the corner and set the table. That part is easy cause you’ve planned the setting the day before already so now you just have to put everything in place. When you’re ”happy” with how it looks you go to the bakery in your gym clothes. 🏃‍♀️💨

Umwelt schützen – Rad benützen
”protect the environment
üse your bike”


🕙 danish breadrolls, spanish cheese, home made jam


↙ la realité
gimme 15 bucks and I’ll light the yankee candle
the sugar jar tipped over 🙂

Pretend to have your shit together:

  • go to the gym at 7 on a Sunday 💪
  • make a delicious breakfast with stuff like manchego and home made jam 🧀☕
  • do the dishes 🍽
  • brush thy hair
  • drink water
  • moisturize
  • put on actual clothes
  • use concealer (cause we’re only pretending to have our shit together) so in the words of  this one frozen girl :   ❄🎤

 -the camera is for aesthetic purposes

  • go on an autumnal walk cause that’s what people seem to be doing (bring an umbrella- or don’t, if you’re about that Rihanna life: 🍂☔

ella ella eh eh

bye bitches!!

Oh I mean: Goodbye readers, fellow peers, Mama.

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