sopa delicious

for when you’re not actually hungry but you want to eat: muddy bog

-this soup is probably the most german soup out there and has nothing to do with Spain or any other spanish speaking country- but sopa sounds like super (not really) and means soup, so it makes for a good title and it was only fair to integrate spanish into the post then. I like to call this creation ”muddy bog” bc have you seen the pictures?! But I swear it’s delicious.

right, you need: 

  • carrots 
  • turnip cabbage/ kohlrabi/ german cabbage
  • leek
  • celery
  • parsley
  • vegetable stock
  • water
  • oil

nabo de col / colinabo / repollo alemán
Sopa de vegetales

i guess (?) ⬆ also why are carrots called zanahorias? where does that come from? why is it not carrota or some rolled rrrr? 🥕🥕🥕

aaah. there we go. 

Get cracking

  • chop everything there is to chop while heating the oil in a pot. Put the chopped vegetables in there, don’t let them get dark (do not burn them!!) 
  • when they’re starting to get soft put 500 mil of water and 2 tsp of stock in there
  • wait a few minutes and then try a carrot
  • when it doesn’t make a sound when you chew it, the soup is done
  • sprinkle parsley on top, for the aestetic, also salt and pepper but that’s not as important cause you can’t see it in photos

for this there is no translation cause I don’t wanna embarrass google translate because of all the mistakes it would make. ugh nvm I don’t care about google’s feelings. 

Corte todo lo que necesita ser cortado mientras calienta el aceite en una cacerola.
Coloque los vegetales en la olla, no deje que se oscurezca (¡no la queme!)
Cuando se suavice, agregue 500 mililitros de agua y 2 cucharaditas de caldo de verduras.
Espera unos minutos y luego prueba una zanahoria.
Si no oye nada mientras mastica, la sopa está lista.
Espolvorear el perejil, por la estética, sobre él.
También sal y pimienta, pero eso no es tan importante porque no puedes verlo en las fotos.

eeeeew wth is my hand?!
muddy bog

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