brekkie and birdies

Breaking my phone didn’t bring as many cons as I thought it would. Everyone I know/ wanna talk to has multiple other apps you can communicate on so facebook and email are currently most used on my laptop. I also just carry around my camera like a real blogger. The only con I can think of is not knowing the time oh and meeting people at a public place is a challenge but the generations before managed to meet up, and we too made it work yesterday.

-morning walk-
she’s in a mood!

Today there was no 7am gym session. Don’t worry I was up since 6, I was just too lazy and the mulled wine from yesterday did not allow quick movements until about 8. So I went on a lil walk along the water, got buns and then made breakfast. Today is all about that pink and gold candle I bought on our shopping spree yesterday. So I walked around my room looking for all things either pink, gold or glitter.

- bbts (breakfast behind the scenes) -

Depending on where you live you might not have to put on anything cozy and if that is the case I am very jealous. In Leipzig it is freezing cold (but the weather is beauts so it’s fine) so you gotta layer up. 

  • socks 🧦
  • mittens🧤
  • hat 🎩
  • scarf 🧣
-song to listen to while doing the dishes-

Turn on the fairy lights, put on them rubber gloves, blast this song through the speakers and get the dirty dishes clean.

and then you meet your friend and go to an art fair… not. 

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