breakfast in bed

I did not think about breakfasts yesterday. I have to come up with some stuff today. I also am not at my best because I have a cold that keeps coming back every few weeks. Anyway breakfast is served in bed today, cause I’m not sitting on chairs and I’m on my approx. 26th friends marathon so I’m gonna binge watch that while enjoying a good ol’ porridge.

pre- breakfast 

Pre- breakfast involves a routine of home remedies for the cold. Steam inhalation. Basically hold your head right above boiling hot water while covered with a towel for 10 minutes. Gets them sinuses empty, pores open and hairs curled.

Hydration. Obvious but it’s imporatnat. Here’s a pro tip. Get a s’well or chillies bottle or anything that ”keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12”. When you wake up during the night because of a coughing fit you get to sip on warm water. #ingenious. I drink more than the recommended amount because the Christmas market opens on Tuesday and I am not going to miss that because I’m sick, so watch me while I run to the bathroom every 7.4 minutes. DO NOT WATCH ME!!  Oh, tea is acceptable as well, especially if it’s apple pie.

Staying warm and rested is next which is easy, cause that’s what I do best. For me that translates to staying in bed watching Netflix, so that’s why we’re having breakfast in bed, wearing all the layers under all the blankets. Also get all the pillows so you can ”stay warm and rest” at a good angle.

One last thing: alcohol. When I was in the UK I went to Waitrose, when I had a cold. Remember the ”no voice, no hearing, no breathing” cold? The lady at the check out told me to just take a shot, and I’d feel brand new. So if you’re a fan of whiskey or bourbon, try that, it’s recommended by an old british cashier. Here is the link if you would like to read about my misery back in March.

Ah nice, I just read that post and I’m wearing the exact same outfit. 


Breakfast is a little different today cause I’m for sure not leaving the flat. In fact, I’m trying hard not to leave my bed so no buns for me today. It’s fine tho, I’m having porridge and because it’s Sunday it’s made with 50% water and 50% milk. I’m also having juice to get all the vitamins. I’m rewatching friends for the 26th time at the moment. Ross just found out about Monica and Chandler. 

post- breakfast

This part involves movement, so mentally prepare yourself for that. It’s getting that tray away from the bed and dumping everything in the sink, not cleaning up, obviously. You make some tea in a travel mug, fill up the water bottle and get that nightstand ready to serve you in any kind of medical emergency. Coughing fit? Cough drop. Thirsty? Water. Stuffy nose? Nasal spray and tissues. Put on one more layer of clothing collect all the chargers for all used devices and crawl back into bed like a mole.

Happy coughing and bone apple tit.

3 thoughts on “breakfast in bed

  1. This looks so cozy, lovely photos! ❤


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