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Well hello. Berlin was great, Berlin was da best, Berlin was different than planned (not in a bad way at all). First, let’s talk about what didn’t happen: the Belgian guy taking a train to Berlin.

Here’s what did happen: He got sick cause he ate dodgy Chinese food and then he ignored us. Good, now that we got the stuff that makes me want to roll my eyes and forces me to take 3 deep breaths out of the way, we can come to the part that makes me clap my hands like a seal and puts da biggest smile on my face. It started with me taking a bus from Waverly station to Edinburgh airport at 4am.

Btw we’re working with code names here. We’ve got the Norwegians: the 2 (well) Norwegians I shared a room with on Bali. The Belgian guy who you should be familiar with by now, he’s quite the celebrity. And newest member: the Italian. A friend from Leipzig I study with, remember her name (the Italian) she’s gonna play a big part of this shit show (as I like to call it). SO, grab yourself a light snack, a juicebox and your reading glasses.

Thursday (too lazy to look up the date so today minus 5 days (I think))

My alarm went off at 3am, so I grabbed my toothbrush and went to the bathroom. (I’m bored (you’ll see why later) so we’re reeeeaally going into detail in this one). The girl from Brazil also had a flight booked that morning so she came to the airport with me. We took Airbus 100 at 3:45am from Waverly station to Edinburgh airport. The bus was surprisingly crowded for that time of day. We went through security in approximately 1.4 minutes and then just waited for boarding to open. She was headed to London which I was partly jealous off cause like London is almost Brighton. But I was headed to Berlin and that has got to be 3rd place. Here’s the ranking bc I’m sure you care: Brighton, Bali, Berlin// Bali, Brighton, Berlin (couldn’t decide). Oh and Barcelona has to be in the top 3 somewhere. Anyway.

I landed in Berlin at 9:35 and was out the airport at 10. I love flying with only carry on . Es más facíl (puts random accents hoping it somehow makes sense while praying to god the words are correct). I took a tram to the hotel which btw was amazeballs (pls keep reading I swear I’ll never use that word again). It was right next to east side gallery, one station away from the centre and you could see the tv tower. I put my luggage into the storage and changed my entire outfit. Even put on make-up can you believe it.

Here’s why: I was on my way to Soho house to meet a friend of mine. I think he has previously been referred to as “the photographer”. We went into the cafe part (saw Ricardo simonetti casually sitting on one of the sofas) and got a (delicious) smoothie. We had a little catch up cause he’s always HELLA busy and we barely see each other. But when we do it’s always so fun. I love it. Afterwards we walked around the shop part and while he was walking around pointing at shoes and pieces he owns I barely dared to look at the price tag.

Do I post this now and start a next post with day 2? Yes think so.

Because the weather was SO nice we walked around the area a bit. Alte Schönhäuser, Rosenthaler and Weinmeister Straße are the places to go! There are even shops (and the best breakfast places) for people like you and me. At 1 he left and I went to the airport again to pick up the Norwegians. They’re so fucking stylish and beautiful it’s crazy. They got there styled head to toe from hats to heels while I looked like a well potato sack or something. First we went to the hotel to check in and that took us a long ass time. Both, train ride and check in came with complications. But we managed to check in even tho the Belgian guy “would only get here tomorrow”. Oh the hotel was Hotel Schulz btw. 10/10 recommend.

We could see the river from our room and the room itself (omg the bathroom!!!) was really cool. We were planning on doing all the shopping today so that the Belgian guy wouldn’t get annoyed and we could plan some gender neutral activities for the next days. So we went to urban outfitters, monki…….. in the evening we went to flying tiger, a Chinese place. Ate about 2 bites. I was surprisingly full even tho I hadn’t eaten much that day. We got the rest to take away (don’t worry I ate all left overs) (yes, me by myself, 2.5 portions). In the evening we watched isn’t it romantic while I snacked on grapes. We were in bed by 10, ready to take on Friday.

Random recommendations day 1:

  • Get a day ticket for >8€
  • Download the bvg app for public transport
  • Follow foodguideberlin on Insta for inspo
  • Don’t get breakfast at the hotel, it’s just as expensive as an instagrammable breakfast
  • Walk around the area (~ prenzlauer berg)
  • Get a cinnamon roll at zeit für brot

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