how not to starve on a national train

grocery shopping

when it comes to grocery shopping you gonna wanna buy some statement foods. If you’re not a fan of carrying a pack of oats from one city to the other here’s a tip: BULK SHOPS. You can get the exact amount of food you need for the days that you are in the city. I had my go- to meals that were easy, didn’t ask for many utensils and were quick to make (you don’t wanna stand around a crowded kitchen with 8 other hungry guests passiv- agrassivly fighting over the 2 hotplates.

the grocery list

  • fruit
  • oats
  • yogurt
  • baguette
  • cheese
  • jam
  • pasta
  • (canned) veggies
  • tomato sauce

It always depends on the equipment of the hostel kitchen. Breakfast and lunch were easily prepared and consumed in either hostel bed or park or bench next to a road and pidgeons. Doctors recommend having a hot meal during the day, which is the tricky part. When there is at least a microwave and a plate available at the hostel it’s no problem. If there is not you may have to spend some more coins (bills) on food. Sometimes there is breakfast included and what you gonna wanna do is GO ALL OUT. You’re going to have AT LEAST 3 courses. Start with what fills you up the most, eat quickly and end the whole ordeal (I am 121% that is the wrong word) with fruit and a food coma.

Other times you’ll find yourself mixing yogurt and oats and cutting up an apple, in times like that I recommend a beautiful scenery. Go to the beach in the sun, sit in the park under a tree or right next to the sea with waves crushing against the cliffs.

on the go

in the hostel

in the restaurant


you can tell that ice cream is the love of my life.

also: corn crackers, chcocolate, cherry tomatoes, fruit…..


tips n’ tricks

always make use of the stuff poeple at hostels leave behind. It’s usually in a ”free” pile somewhere. Who know’s you might just end up with some cheese on your pasta or peanut butter on your oats!

you can actually cook pasta in the microwave. put pasta on deep plate, cover with water and another plate. Put in microwave for 9 minutes. Done. ↘️


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