blueberry vegan protein pancakes

edit: what is the correct order you (english people) put the 3 adjectives in to describe them bloody pancakes???? vegan first? pancake first? protein pancake vegan blueberries?

I always see those ‘jump to recipe’ things on blogs, which I’m a big fan of cause I don’t care about why you chose blueberries over raspberries and that baking powder reminds you of your childhood because your great grandma always used it to get the red wine stains out of her beige vests. But I’m only talking about interesting things in my intros so there is no jump and you’re gonna have to deal with that.

I’m working most Sundays now so I’m making Monday my Sunday. Gonna have a well aestetically pleasing breakfast with all that my heart desires. Aka peanut butter. I’m so easy to please (@ boys: just give me a pb&j and a glass of unsweetened almond milk <3). I quite enjoy my new Sunday cause shops are open, I can buy fresh fruits in the morning and I can make plans for the day and be productive!

My immediate reaction to the first bite was, and I quote:

”mm fuck yes!”

– Kati, 10/07/2019, eating pancakes

This is the weather situation today btw which is probably part of the reason why I’m in the bestest mood. Remember how I said I only need a pb&j to be happy? Let’s add sunshine to that (sorry boys that makes it a bit harder).

If you use the exact ingredients that I did (down to the gram) this breakfast will give you 42.2g of protein, 2.7g fat, 559 kcal and the best start to the week (ever).

Here’s what I did:




After basically inhaling the entire thing (can you see the scrape marks I left on the plate?) you’re going to get ready for the day. Now that is not what I did becasue I am currently sitting on my table in my pjs editing this post. But normally in a normal person’s life (not influencer like me) you would get ready. It’s the first day of Uni for the new students today so there are some info stalls and presents. Reason enough for me to squeeze into jeans and head out.

Step 1: put on music

There are only about 3 songs in my current ocotber playlist because I have been obsessed with podcasts recently, but I swaer I will add more.

Step 2: change into an autumnal outfit!

For my birthday I got 2 new pairs of jeans, a sweater and rings. I will be wearing one pair of the jeans, the sweater and a couple of rings today. To keep me warm I’ve got my sheep and to counteract the hippie- lifestyle I will not go barefeet, but will put on Dr Martens.

..and then you are ready to head to uni one week early just to (successfully) steal a goody bag from a freshman :).

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