isolating like a pro

Monday 03/16

Lenchos and i went to the grocery store yesterday cause I needed some ingredients for dinner (a thai noodle salad). Luckily they weren’t sold out of any of the asian stuff…. lol

In the afternoon I also took a 2 hour long nap outside in the sun which was grant and at sunset hour I went on a run with my dad through the woods. Also started reading my newly purchased book memories from the future. There are many smart words in there and I may have fallen asleep reading it yesterday but I did actually quite enjoy it.

Tuesday 03/17

So that was the corona update for yesterday. Today, Tuesday, we’re gon be baking. I found a recipe for bread rolls that I wanna try out. Probably gonna half the ingredients cause the family can’t be trusted in eating what I’m making. For dinner I’ll make myself a hummus flammkuchen which essentially is a cheese free pizza. We also have an avo left so I’m thinking maybe a vegan brownie for tomorrow, not sure tho cause I don’t wanna throw it away if it turns out bad. So many ideas.

I slept for 7 hours straight. The casual granola and yog I’m making myself have as pre- sleep snack does its job. For today there are again no plans, other than buying all the toilet roll, pasta, frozen pizza and asparagus.

These are the youtubers I’ve been obsessed with recently. Natacha Oceane, nuttyfoodyfitness, grackle and the michalaks.


You know how gyms are closed, all packaged carbs are sold out and were home bound and bored out of our minds?
I figured out the perfect activity. Baking healthy bread rolls. You’re not gonna over- load on carbs, you get the protein in for the gains and it’s still delish.

I also came up with a bunch of other things to do:
Ride your bike to the supermarket where you’ll buy the LAST bag of flour.
(Don’t forget your card tho cause they don’t let you pay by cash anymore!).

Btw. I’m coming up with these ideas while waiting for the dough to rise.

odd box

Also got the grüner bote delivery just now which basically is a green box filled with ugly veggies and fruits and things from stores that are about to go off. This weeks edition:
Oranges, clementines, kiwis, pears, carrots, kohlrabi, dates, yogurt, lettuce,shiitake mushrooms, radishes, mangold. Luv it.

This post is just all over the place. Let me put headings just for a lil structure. You’re welcome.

Right. I baked, I edited, I ate outside in the sunshine, read my book (that woman is me, I am siri husvedt and that scares me but keeps me reading cause I wanna know what imma be up to). Then I had a deliiiiscious coffee with foamy milk!


I then did a 20 minute hiit workout on a very dusty carpet, without shoes with made the whole thing rather slippery and the air during planks rather unbreathable. That workout slowly but surely turned into a dance party a thing I haven’t had in a long time. Too long. My booty lasted for over an hour, I made up dance moves to Hannah Montana, German rap, 80s rock, après ski hits and Spanish pop. In other words, I pressed shuffle on my spotify favourite songs.

Then i heard a knock on me door. My dad in workout clothes was stood on the other side asking me to join him on a run. First I yelled at him cause he disrupted my moves. Then I joined him. After only 15 minutes of running through the woods I turned around (was in a bad mood cause my neighbor looked at me in shock telling me that I got skinny. You dint tell people that, just like you don’t tell people when they got fat). But to my surprise I managed to run home the entire 1.7 k without break. Chuffed with that!


Dinner were roasted veg Italian style and potatoes and salad. Then I had some nuts and pistachio lindor!!!!! And the usual muesli and yog as 10pm snack that makes me sleep until 9am.

It now is 9:41, the next day. I’m in bed. Gonna get up and then this is going up!

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