attempts to sundaze

Now that we’re all well- behaved and isolated, we’ve probably all lost track of time. Not space tho cause like where would we go (haha…).

I’m using the fact that no one knows what day it is to my advantage and I’m making a sundaze post. On a Thursday. I slept until 9:00, it’s currently 9:30 and I’m in bed looking at recipes. For this morning I’m thinking blueberry waffles/ pancakes depending on how talented I feel once I enter the kitchen.

I might just go back to the sundaze roots for a second and sketch out breakfast. Rrrright only took me 15 minutes :).

Looks like a boat with 3 purple hairs.

Anyway. Next up. Get up, get ready. In times like this that means changing from pyjamas into sweatpants and a giant hoodie. Also currently letting my hair go greasy cause I heard that you don’t have to wash it as often later and it apparently starts to clean itself after a while. I wonder how long a while is cause it’s getting grim.

We sadly had to postpone the waffles because I’m still not hungry. So instead what we’ve got is this:

I did pick the flowers from the garden tho, but instead of then starting to make the waffles I baked bread. It’s in the oven right now, will have it for lunch if it turns out the way I want to.

Friday. Another fail yet again. We don’t even have flowers anymore.

It’s actually Sunday now and I’ve successfully procrastined making those waffles. Also had porridge this morning, what a fail. They did however include peanut butter, an apple and berries!!!

We’ll try again tomorrow.

It’s “tomorrow”. Breakfast was a sad looking yogurt right out the plastic cup with frozen berries and corn flakes. Also a black coffee. Lol should I just give up on the aesthetic breakfast. I’m starting to doubt that there is a chance we’ll ever go back to this: october 28 2018

I mean come on! I didn’t even give my future self a chance there. Some people might improve and get better at sundazes, not I.

I will keep you updated tho. Maybe I will wake up a whole new (old) me one day.

Today (Tuesday, March 24) was not that day. I microwaved oats:

This post was last edited on March 24th. It now is May 11. BUT look at what I have made. Yesterday. On a Sunday! During corona times (still!)

We’ve got a thumbnail (you’ll find it on the official Sundaze page here) and everything! What a journey it has been.

I feel obligated to say that I am not convinced by the efford/ time to outcome ratio tho. I think I might stick to the yogurt bowl and porridges.

there were no flowers, no decorations or anything other that would turn this into an actual sundaze- worthy post. BUT there were pancakes and a decorative strawberry and that is a start.

Ah damn. Was about to post this when I remembered that I have to insert what comes after. So. This is what I did later that day: I sat. I ate (all the bread), went on a walk, ran back home through the rain. Went to bed and ate all the cereal and chocolate. #health

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