proud of myself

Haven’t had porridge in yonks. I know?! Who am I? 2021. New year new me. Actually haven’t had porridge this year! But I am riding that bread and butter train like (you may finish that sentence yourself). ROUTINE WHO?? So proud of myself. Wait until you hear about my morning. I deserve an orden for this non- me love my life and body and me day. lol just went through my camera roll. Had porridge on the 7th. nvm

I slept incredibly well last night. The wraps were snuggled up in my stomach like a baby in its crib. What is up with those comparisons today? Fell asleep watching youtube before 11. I purposely didn’t look at the time and just closed them lids. Woke up at like 8.

I wasn’t hungry this morning so I did ma usual morning yoga. Connect. Good one. I connected. Then I went and made a GOOD coffee not the aldi filter thing that most days doesn’t even deserve to be called coffee.

I then went straight to my desk IN MY PJs and began to sort out that thing I call life. And I did. DAMN DUDE I SORTED. I texted my friends in Valencia asking about the covid- situation, confirmed my internship in Valencia, started looking at apartments (I’m actually exited and looking forward to it now). Also send all docs that I had promised to send my friends and worked on planning a lesson that is due on wednesday but I already finished today!

Then I went to the post to send back 3 little pieces from my giant zalando haul, went to a cool supermarket, got some foods and then to the bank to pay for mentioned order. So productive! Then I made a soup, ate and went on a walk as the sun was out, the ground was dry and I got to take out my new baby. Old school vans. So comfy. I wore alpaca and fleece and duvet coat and scarf and wasn’t cold.

It’s 7 I’ve been sitting, watching youtube, snacking on apples, bread with butter and biscuits and might do another round of yoga.

doing this daily again as it’s monday and I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say.

4 minute pasta for the win. Mushroom, parm, olive oil (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and hummus, celery and carrot. An entire pack of pasta! really nice and full now. Gonna move from the dining area (desk) to the digestion area (bed).

gonna watch lupin. adios

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