remember, cherrish and honor the sun


It’s 23 degrees, I sit on a blanket in the gras in the park next to my house. I drove there on my bike just wearing a sweater. I squint at the sun through my sunglasses. My face smells like sunscreen. I unpack a book and my lunch from my bag.

No it’s not summer, it’s February actually and that is what my week looked like. It’s Friday now, 7 degrees, raining and grey. I’m sitting in my room, my sunlight lamp doing it’s best to give me life while my flowers are experiencing a painful death. So I’ve decided to write about the best week of 2021 so far, to remember, cherish and honor the sun.


The first bike ride of the year. There was still ice on the road but it was slowly but surely melting away under the ‘heat’ of the sun so I swung my cute little bum on the saddle (lol wut?) and drove up, east. I went to My.

We grabbed a coffee, went to the crowded park across the road and sat in the sun. There were people playing volleyball, spike ball and all kinds of other ball game variations. Plan was to get a decaffeinated flatwhite with cowmilk. Well got a normal flatwhite with the oatmilk I did not enjoy drinking last time (bedda).

I feared drinking that coffee as caffeine past 11am seems to affect my beloved sleeping schedule that I so _______. I go to bed at 8:30, watch a german crime show (88 mins) while snacking and drinking a tea. I brush my teeth, read and sleep by 10:30. I wake up by 7/8am. Love it. Ah yes I woke up at 2:45am that night and was not able to go back to sleep :).


Well as you know. My day started just a tad earlier than desired and the frown on my face was very much present. Coco got a death stare thrown in his direction when he entered the kitchen that morning. I was not in a good mood. First I couldn’t fall asleep and then I woke up 3 hours later. Not a good day for yours truly and all that for a 4/10 tasting coffee! Unless I unage (?) and tolerate caffeine in the pm again there will be no more flat whites for me. Dinners have been awefully inventive and good tasting. Creativity was at an all time high and ingredients and their combination have been da bomb.

The day started with breakfast at 10 with the shining through the neighbors window. But we got a reflection. I enjoyed my yog and apple and GOOOD am coffee with the sun shining behind me! I decided to go on a little bike ride to the lake, made it half way there before deciding not to slip and break bones as the ground was muddy af and there was ice everywhere as I was going through the forest and there obviously is no sunshine. My pants were dirty and I was annoyed and hungry. So I went back home, changed, inhaled a sclice of bread and went back into the park to meet my friends. We sat in the sun, threw a frisbee, ate bruschetta and veggies and played phase 10 until the sun disappeared. What a phantastic day!!

Have been ordering a shit tone of stuff online! UV lamps for our basil plant that had been dying a slow death on our kitchen window sill, canvases (the 1975 is getting replaced, sorry Matty ily5eva), environmentally friendly electric toothbrush heads, 3 second hand uniqlo tshirts for 15 bucks, pink tony’s chocolonely, a bath mat, conni auf dem bauernhof (I’m probably missing something).

Damn writing in english is hard when listening to spanish musica.

I shall continue this post after the one I’m starting now cause things happened. good and ba (ooh the suspense!)

spoiler: got my tire stolen.

It’s the next day (march4) . I shall now continue with the 22nd:


Ah yes. That was good day! The uv lamps are giving my babies all the light they’re needing as the window’s are facing north. They give our kitchen a lilac glow as well. Haven’t made up my mind on how I feel about that tho. You can chose between red, blue or purple light. Red- amsterdam- hello no. Blue- police. So we chose purple. At 1:30 I was sat on my blanket with the sun shining directly onto my packed lunch. I dipped veggie sticks in hummus, listened to a podcast and dreamed of building a balcony. Had my calves out as well!

In the evening Coco and I got a take away from Don Kichot. Got a falafel wrap which was phenomenal as always.


From my screenshots that were taken at 6:19am I can say that I didn’t sleep super well. I called my mom the night before telling her that the sunrise was supposed to be really good and in case I was gonna be up I’d go out and see it. Sunrise was at 7:08. After trying to figure out how to sourdough, and eventually giving up, I chose to get out of bed, get on my bike (no coffee) and drive to the Völkerschlachtdenkmal (with helmet!). There was barely any sun which meant the announced sunrise did not take place. It was still nice tho and I walked around for a bit. Also got my uniqlo tshirts I ordered on vinted! Love them. 3 for 15€. One usually costs 13. Later I had a tinder date. Latino obvs. A columbian pilot. He was nice. But like nice period. We ate tiramisu in the sun and I was in a good mood through out but idk if that was due to the company or the sunshine. Afterwards I met Coco on the bridge for a beer and chips until it got dark. What a great summery day.


The picture is repeating itself. I wake up, do yoga, shower, make a coffee in my moka pot, prepare the yog bowl, brew a tea and sit on the table, reading the news for the unforeseeable future. Don’t remember what I did in between that and 1:51, which is when I sat in the park with my salad and my calves out. LAter I met Coco to drive to the lake. It was super warm and I went in with my feet. Coco even swam. His brother and niece also joined later. When we got back it was almost dark outside and I went to the supermarket, then I made dinner, watched tatort, read and slept.


I woke up, did the yoga and was out the door by 8:23 to go on a run! The sun was out the mood was grant and the phone stayed at home. My first run without phone and music. I got back at 9:25 after a little 10k. Knew my motivation and endurance was influenced by the weather!!! Then I did the 6min ab workout and post run yoga like I always do and made the usual breakfast.

At 1:22 I found myself in the same spot I had all my lunches these post days. Ankles out this time but still phantastic. Coco joined later and even Yanick showed up!!!! I then went to the station with him, where I went to pee and he then drove home and I took my bike back.


Today the weather kinda sucked again. It was grey and miserable. But I had tanked so much vit d these passed days that my mood wasn’t even the worst! I tried making a coffee with the espresso machine which did go half bad. I prefer my moka cup. Then I went on a walk. Watched a tatort, read and slept. Oh I handed in my project paper on farm animals!!!

My photos don’t reveal much of what I did these last days. I have a picture of my dinner plate. A pea burger on potato mash with too much nutmeg and broccoli. Must have been a rather unspectacular saturday I guess. Sunday was better!


We made brunch. I had a zoom call at 10 so I headed out before to get breadrolls. Found 3 good books on the street as well! Exited to read those. Took one of those free newspapers home with me. Solely for the smell in combination with fresh bread rolls and coffee. SO GOOD.

In the afternoon I met up with My and we went on a bike ride around the lake!It was really sunny and pretty!

And that was Feb. So ready for March and spring and more sun on my calves, and possibly on my thighs at some point. Can’t wait!!

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