week of a goddess

moin (northern german hello). got my tire stolen today! It was such a great start to the day as well! Let’s start with monday tho. MARCH

MONDAY: a domestic goddess

I had a to- do list. Everything exept for 2 things were ticked off.

I baked my own bread, I repotted plants, I took care of my finances, I put on nail polish (on fingers and feet!) I cleaned the bath room, I found a trail for us to hike the next day, I vacuum cleaned me room, met Pauline in the park for a walk, I painted by numbers, I made a giant salad and watched a tatort.

TUESDAY: a hiking goddess

My friends and I decided to go on a hike. So we met at 10 in the morning at My’s. I couldn’t sleep cause I was exited. Like a school kid the night before a class trip. I woke up early, did my yoga day 2, took a shower… you know the drill. At 9 I found myself on my two- wheeled bike driving east. I had all the food prepped and ready in my bag. It was really exhilarating, having to prepare a packed lunch. I had my sandwich with home made bread, celery and carrot sticks, dried apricots and tea! On my way I stopped at dm to get a disposable camera and gum. Necessities. It was super cloudy and the fog was so dense you could barely see the car infront of you. Perfect conditions for a hike with a view…

At 11 we were ready and sat in the car. 55 minutes later, we arrived in a cute little town called Waldheim with the sun shining brighter than (I don’t want to say “our futures” cause I’m not that kinda gal (I am that kind of woman that says “kinda gal” tho) so finish the sentence with a what feels fitting to you ending).

We started walking the route I had picked out. A Höhenrundwanderweg, yes that’s a german word. After a few minutes we came across construction work that we couldn’t pass, so that was a quick end to the Höhenrundwanderweg and we came up with our own route along the river. Was really pretty.

We picknicked on a field with not a single person in sight. All you could hear were birds and that is legit it. Not even cars or noise in the distance. nada. I love it. You don’t even realise how loud the city is when the noise is just there. always. I think I fell asleep for a second with the sun shining in my face.

The way back was chill and at 4 we were back in the car on our way back to the city dreaming of a cold radler and listening to fleetwood mac.

We went back to My’s, got our bikes and drove to Pauline, got our radler and sat in the kitchen. We were tired and hungry. We considered cooking, but that would have involved, well, us. cooking and that was not really something we wanted. What we wanted were döner, so that’s what we got. Half an hour later I sat in the same spot again this time holding a falafel dürüm, loving life.

At 8 I went home, made a snack, went to bed, watched tatort and didn’t even have to read to fall asleep.

I want to rent a garden with some friends over the summer. And get a race bike.

WEDNESDAY: a bikeless goddess

the weather was supposed to be better than yesterday, but after looking out and seeing grey-ish skiey I was super glad we went on our hike yesterday! Plan was a bike ride to the lake with the beautiful name “Stöteritzer See” with My. Well let me tell you how that din’t happen at all, didn’t even come close to the lake. Did come close to punching a wall. Wait the suspense here is super unnecessary as I told you what happened in the first line of the post. Well, pretend you don’t know.

I woke up at 6, started reading my book and luckily fell asleep until 7:30 again. I got up, did the yoga day 3, showered, and now you don’t know the drill cause I was meeting My for breaki. At 9:15, I wore sunscreen, a helmet and was on my way east again, chained the front wheel of my bike to a street lamp, went up, got served a coffee and prepared a yogurt bowl. It was delish, we listened to music, wrote soffisticaed emails to professors and watched the news. Then we got ready for our bike ride and as we stepped outside, plans were forced to rapidly be adapted to the new circumstances. My back wheel was stolen.

I left it right next to a busy park with lots of people there, it was 10am, AM, morning time and someone still managed to steel it. I was annoyed. Who steels a lovely little girl’s back tire?! And they knew what they were doing as well! They stole the exact parts that would make me have to spend a ton of money and get stuff replaced. You can always tell that I have zero knowledge on a topic in either language when I use the word “Stuff” at least 2 times in a sentence. Stuff.

What I’m trying to say is that I spent 169€ on a new back tire, (wait let me make it easier for all of us: I’m going to google “bike vocabulary”)

Right. So I got stolen my: gear, wheel, (chain was there but had to be replaced as it has to fit the new wheel) and tire. 🙂

So instead of to the lake we shoved my wanna be bike into the trunk of My’s car and drove to a garage to get it fixed. Then I walked home bike-less, listening to a podcast, stopped at Pauline’s to return a scarf. At 2:30 I was in the kitchen, ravenously making a salad and sandwich. But I was listening to nice music from yesterday so the “ravenously” is an ever so slight exaggeration to set the scene and get at least some suspense into this post.

At 4 me and Jule headed out again, I had to go pick up my bike from the other side of town. Took me some time to walk there but anything to get this day over with. And the route wasn’t half bad, walked passed the student houses, saw some pretty people and was exited to be reunited with my two-wheeled little defenseless baby.

I drove home, bought apples, an onion and a vegan rice pudding. Was wearing a helmet!

Now I’m home, about to make dinner (pea pasta, burger, brocc and zucc (I think) and then I will chill until Thursday (tomorrow, it’s supposed to be raining which I do not support).

THURSDAY: a tired goddess

I am super low on energy today. The passed days were busy so on today’s agenda is: chillin like a villain (I still am a goddess but that don’t rhyme). Btw just saw that you can now connect anchor and wordpress. Am I about to put podcaster on my cv? Probably not but we shall see. Lockdown has been extended for another 24 days and I am pretty sure I will not be celebrating easter like I did in 2020. With my family, you know.

I woke up at half 6 like I do most days but I always peek out from under my sleeping mask, check if the street lights are still on, pull the mask down, turn around and lay there half thinking half dead. Then I start reading, as my phone shall not be the first or last thing my pretty green eyes see in the day. Then I either fall back asleep or get up to do the yoga. Yoga for the spine today. Have been doing yoga every single morning for 63 consecutive days. Pretty proud of that! Most days I do it twice a day as well. I can feel how I’m getting stonger which is awesome. Like my shoulders and arms can hold a steady plank now without collapsing and the way down to my belly is slower and more controlled! I can even do the crow now!!!

After my shower (hairwash day- yes important information) I made breakfast and sat in the kitchen, which is where I stayed until 4pm, which is now. I just took all my stuff I accumulated in the passed hours, made tea, took chocolate and am now sitting in my very underrated arm chair. Don’t know why I spent more time on my much less comfy desk chair. I listened to music all morning, wrote posts, cooked and put stuff on vinted. Also fell asleep after lunch. I felt so whole and warm after my homemade lentil, carrot and cauliflower soup (with chilli flakes, garam masala, salt, pepper, paprika, cumin and tumeric) with seedy bread (told you I’m a domestic goddess!)

I eventually made my way back into the kitchen at like 9 (mad), made a pasta with veggies and watched an episode of tatort cause that’s all I do.

FRIDAY: a matcha goddess

woke up…. After the shower I went into the kitchen and was later joined by Coco and his sister. At 11 I took my bike up to the bike store again. I am on the hunt for a racing bike. On Wednesday people were allowed to test drive. Today, not so much. So that was a fail.. Also made a nerve wrecking appointment for the 25th. After the bike store fail I went to a giant supermarket and had a look around. Bought chocolate and a pick a mix but in nut and dried fruit form. Then I went to My’s. Went to the store to get stuff for lunch and the matcha cookies we were gonna bake. Discovered my new fave bread (this is important): Wachauer from rewe.

Then we got baking. Some with dark choc some with white. Kinda burned the first batch but they’re still tasty. Had the luxury of sitting on a balcony with my chai tea, eating a matcha cookie in the sun! At 5 I went to rossmann and rewe (spent way too much money again, at least for someone about to purchase a bike for 800€).

Lunch was v simlar to the one from the day before. Spaghetti, zucchini, aubergine, chickpeas, olives, carrot, mushrooms and all the nutritional yeast imaginable. Snack plate consisted of all the purchased goods from today. Even found the jokolade no4 aka dark choc with pear!

SATURDAY: a dancing goddess

My day started with a foamy (-ish) heart (sorta) in my coffee. The sun was shining and the mood was phantastic! My told me that the market in our area was open today so that’s where I would be heading later. The sunshine just always puts me in the best mood! Jule joined me and we got a wegbier (beer you drink on your way to something- anything, most times on your way to your next beer). I read about this beer from Leipzig and some of the profit goes to the clubs in the city to support them. So düsen is on it’s way to become my new go to. Tastes good too. The market was cute but we were a bit late so there wasn’t too many produce left.

After lunch we had a loong dance party on the armrest of our sofa. All the latino music was played. If clubs are shut, the dark hallway’s gotta do. And it did. I then introverted into my room (you know, like I needed to be by myself after all that action. So I sat and watched the tube til I got hungry. I made an indian spinach and tofu situation with potatoes. Was delish.

Roast ginger and garlic in oil. Add chickpeas and tofu, paprika, cumin, red chili flakes, salt and pepper. Cook potatoes. Let spinach wilt in a pot with a little water.Add tomatoes to spinach. Let cool, add to blender with yog and garam masala. Add spinach to tofu and chickpeas. Let cook for 10 minutes. Asseble on plate with potatoes.

Snack plate was yet again phenomenal but didn’t do it this time so the rest of the chips were send down the shoot as well. And those I felt in my stomach and mouth through out the night and first hours of the morning.

SUNDAY: a hustling goddess

Woke up at 6, then 7 then 8 and got a call from my Mom telling me she’s coming home over easter!!!!!!! Stayed in bed a while longer, watching youtube cause the book I’m reading is starting to annoy me. The dad is such a drama queen, dumping all responsibility onto his 19 yo daughter?! Oh I’m reading Vi på Saltkråkan by Astrid Lindgren btw. The letters are so nice and big and it’s just boring enough to make me fall asleep after a few pages. But now that it’s starting to make me angry that’s very much counter productive. I was in the kitchen by like half 10. Coco waiting. Neither of us were hungry so a big cup of coffee made up for breakfast. Then I had some yog and as the sun was slowly creeping out from behind the grey clouds Coco and I decided to go on a bike ride. Packed a picknick and went to Fockeberg. Never been there before and it was stunning. We then went to the gardens cause we want to rent one over the summer! On our way back home we stumbled across wild garlic! We picked some to make mayo and pesto tomorrow. I was in a very plant-y (?) mood so I planted some garlic, wild garlic and put carrots in water. So proud of my little window sill garden <3. Also made the hall way more home-y by adding books to the shelf and finally throwing away the christmas decoration. I love this apartment so much. Couldn’t be happier and more greatful.

Sitting on the freezer now. It’s getting dark and I can smel the wild garlic next to me. Gonna cook some veggies for a soup and then do some yoga.

thinking about starting the new week filming. The morning routine as it is quite phenomanal and deserves a share (and I don’t have any space left to upload pictures)

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