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Not convinced? Keep reading then. On this site I’ve listed everything I ate, have learned and did during my 25 days of doing interrail by myself. I met some cool people, avoided eyecontact with junkies in front of train stations, slept in mixed dorms with people who liked partying (every day), ate on a budget and had the best time.

The pass

10 travel days. 2 months. 308€.

The cities

I put up a post to each city basically talking about where I went, what I did and what I thought. I may have gotten a bit detalied at some points but at least it’s honest.

what I wish I brought

• Hand cream (sunscreen doesn’t do the job)
• Nail polish remover. (Wish I hadn’t put nail polish on in the first place, just looks shit after a while)
• A nice top cause you might end up on a roof top terrace drinking white wine (the rest can be old shirts)

What I ate

Where I stayed

What you need

• C O M F O R T A B L E S H O E S
• Lock
• Headphones
• Reusable cutlery, tupperware and bottle
• Big ass beach towel (can function as a blanket)
• Notebook (I document every single unnecessary thing on here but a notebook does the job too)
• Tape (fixes interrail tickets)
• Powerbank
• Ziplock bags (protects interrail tickets from rain)
• Watch (waterproof in case you’re as stupid as me and keep forgetting to take it off in the shower)
• Bumbag

What I wish I hadn’t brought

• All the make up (I used it like 2 times in 8 weeks)
• Heavy ass lotion (sunscreen does the job)
• Laptop (ended up sending it to my parents via most)
• Film camera (was fun while I had film, now I don’t wanna buy a new one and it uses up space)

So. I travelled by myself for most of the journey. The first 3 days, Xuliette joined me in Madrid which was so fun. Besides having a personal photographer, it is really nice to share cool moments with someone. (And she made a 7 hour train ride way ore fun!!). I did meet some people at train stations. One of them even joined me in Marseille and we went on a hike together. Was I ever scared? No. Never. Did I ever feel out of place? Yes. Once in Paris. Everyone is just way too fashionable and I was walking around in a billabong shirt, shorts and sneakers. I legit had a crisis in Zara. Did I ever feel uneasy? Yes, also once when I was in Bilbao. When I left the train station there were many many homeless poeple and junkies and my hostel wasn’t in the nicest area so I even thought about leaving early. The next day I walked around Bilbao and discovered that it actually is quite the nice city and the day after that I took a bus to explore the coast. So my tip, for when you’re in a situation like that: spend as little time as possible there and take busses that take you away from scary streets for the day (no shit Sherlock).

Omg… as a girl ?!

yup. Another thing that helped me when I checked out while it was still dark outside or had to walk down sketchy roads was to put on headphones, but to not put on music. I weirdly felt a lot safer that way. I could hear everything but other people thought I couldn’t. I actually really enjoyed leaving the hostel early because you got a completely different taste (?) of the city. In Paris there was no one in the street and it smelled like freshly baked pasteries. In other cities I got to watch the sun rise and in Barcelona I saw the aftermath of a Friday night on early Saturday morning!

what to do on train journeys

listen to a podcast (I always listened to a german podcast called gemischtes hack aka mixed minced meat, but also downloaded news in slow spanish and the football ramble)

always have a movie downloaded on your phone (I haven’t watched a single one but back up is key)

watch the landscape. the more boring you think the journey is going to be the more stunning the views are mostly going to be!

take a book! doesn’t have to be a giant (in german we say ham aka book with many pages). The sole purpose is to keep you entertained for a bit.

take a card game

talk to other people with giant backpacks


save the route on google maps to your phone screen whilst you have wifi. You can save data and only have to turn on your location.

always befriend (or at least be friendly) your room mates. They explore the city as well and might have some good tips. And who knows, maybe they’re looking for a personal photographer and part time friend as well.


you’re a wanna- be traveller?
you have a question?

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